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Introducing Play

Do you know why it’s so vital to play?

According to researchers Paham and Fazio (2008), play is can be defined as “any spontaneous or organized activity that provides enjoyment, entertainment, amusement, or diversion.”

Play is necessary for a child’s growth and developing life skills. In fact, play begins in infancy and, ideally, continues throughout to adulthood. (Yes, even adults need play.) According to an increasing number of renowned mental health doctors, play is as crucial to human pleasure and well-being as love and work (Schaefer, 1993).

How play effects children

Children learn to socialize, think critically, solve issues, develop, and most importantly, have fun via play. Play helps youngsters connect with their imaginations, their surroundings, their parents and families, and the rest of the world.

Parental engagement in a kid’s world of play is helpful not just to the kid, but also to the adult. When a parent or parental figure joins a child for a play session, it creates and builds relationships that may last a lifetime. Parent-child play facilitates problem-solving by increasing communication, allowing for instructional opportunities, and allowing for the sharing of values. Additionally, playtime allows parents and children to address and overcome personal disagreements, as well as family-related worries and challenges.

Let’s PLAY and have a good time.

The Meaningful Play Store was developed to assist and educate parents, caregivers, teachers, and other therapists in the selection of tools that benefit children with autism, developmental delays, or sensory deficits. Our goal is to support our playmates with toys and tools that improve overall functioning to help them reach their maximum potential.

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