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Welcome to Meaningful Play Store! We have crafted this Sensory Box just for you. Everything in this box will help you work on your attention, increase your strength and help with your sensory needs. Keep this pamphlet as a guide for how to use each item in your sensory box. Make sure you follow the instructions for each MPS toy so you're using it correctly. Now, let the meaningful play begin!


Some children have difficulty maintaining focus during class activities, virtual learning sessions or other seated tasks. The MPS sensory seat…


There are children who have challenges in the processing of daily oral stimulation and require that input daily. Imagine having…


Children who display developmental delays in writing tend to have a poor foundation concerning directionality and letter formation. Furthermore, they…


Children with poor directionality in writing and letter formation also tend to have a delayed grasp pattern for their age….

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide guidance to parents and caregivers through developmental milestones for children of all ages, through a tool kit of high quality materials. Thus providing the tools to prepare children for lifelong success in areas of activities of daily living, fine motor; gross motor, sensory integration and play.

Our Vision

Our vision is to promote functional independence by providing parents, caregivers and our playmates the tools and toys to foster meaningful play across each child’s developmental trajectory, regardless of physical, cognitive, motor or sensory processing disabilities and delays.

Our benifits

Meaningful Play Store
At Meaningful Play, all our products are developed and hand picked by licensed Occupational, Physical and Speech Therapists.


Functional Play

Research shows that children learn through play. We encourage play that teaches new skills.


Develop Coordination of Skills

Our playmates already have developed skills. We teach parents to use exisiting skills to develop new ones.


Meeting Sensory Needs

Many of our playmates have different sensory needs. We are committed to find what benefits each playmate individually.


Classroom Accommodations

We have products designed specifically for your playmate in their respective classrooms and learning centers.

What Parents Say:

Meet our Team

The meaningful Play Store was developed by Occupational and Physical Therapist for the purpose of providing parents, teachers and therapist tools and toys to improve fine motor, gross motor and sensory deficits. All of the toys listed on our site are Mr. King and Mr. Alpesh approved!

Mr King
Occupational Therapist
As a Licensed Occupational Therapist, I’ve worked with well over a thousand children and no matter the child’s abilities, they still love to play.
Mr Alpesh
Physical Therapist
As a Physical Therapist for over 10 years. I’ve encountered a multitude of clients whose ailments have inhibited there ability to live a quality life.
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