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Sensory Seat Cushion


Our sensory seat cushions were developed to support with focus while sitting or balance while standing.

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There are children who have challenges in the processing of daily oral stimulation and require that input daily. Imagine having an itch on your back. Naturally you’re going to want to scratch your back, but imagine not being able to relieve the itch. I’m sure it would make your day a little challenging. The MPS chewy necklaces can help this constant need of oral input. A child shouldn’t be stopped for his or her need to chew, as long as it the right tools and directions to help with their need for oral stimulation.

Packaging comes with four MPS chewy blocks. The colors are green, blue, red and purple.

Weight 1.7 lbs
Dimensions 15.35 × 13.98 × 2.72 in

Pink, Blue, Red, Yellow


29 oz


15.35 × 13.98 × 2.72 in


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